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   More organizing Tips

    August 2006

S tart organizing your documents on your computer desk top.  You can save them in folders and sub-folders the same way you do paper documents.

P lastic containers can be a problem to store. Separate the tops and store them upright next to the containers organized by size.

A  kitchen spice rack can be used to organize fingernail polish, and other small container items in the bathroom drawers and cabinets.

C learing away the clutter includes designating places to put things. Once they have a designated place they can be easily put away.

E very time you are on the phone chatting, clean something or clear away the clutter from a small area.


T oss out expired medications every six months.

I n place of the traditional coffee table, consider an ottoman or large box shaped basket with a lid. This provides storage space, table space and interest.

M ake packing for a trip easier by categorizing your clothes into zip lock bags. It makes going through a security check much easier as well.

E rase ball point pen marks from walls by dabbing on full strength vinegar with a sponge.

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