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     July 2006

   Summer Time Tips    


Summer is a great time for clean-up and de-junking.

Start with a small area, for instance a drawer or a box up on a shelf. With no homework to do, the kids can help to see what they can find to relocate or donate. (But be careful, they may not want to part with a long lost item!) Once you have enjoyed the freedom from clutter in a small area, you will get the urge to purge on!



Donate to a worthy cause!

Members of the family can go through closets and drawers looking for items they no longer use, or fit into such as, clothes, books, toys, etc. A special donation bag can be staged for toys only. The kids will feel good about donating unused toys to the Holiday Bureau and yes they will accept toys in July for Christmas!



Place a small storage bin on the patio or deck for grilling utensils, citronella candles, bug spray, windex and paper towels  for quick clean-up.  If it has a flat top, a cushion can be added for extra seating.


bullet Pack your cooler with baggies and you will get almost twice as much in your cooler.  Zip-locks work best and by removing packaging ahead of time you will have less trash. The empty bags can be used to wrap up leftovers or they can be used as trash bags.


bullet Freeze some water bottles to use as ice blocks in your cooler and then you have ice water handy and not in the bottom of the cooler! The kids can put them into their sport/beach bag and have cold water during the day.


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