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More organizing Tips

April 2006

S torage space needs to be organized before trying to increase or change it.  Most insufficient storage space problems are from overcrowding and clutter. So before you go out and buy more, be sure to purge and sort.

P eriodically clean out the junk drawer. Have only one junk drawer, but every home needs one. They are a convenient “catch-all” – but items need to be relocated to their designated place on an on going basis.

A mini first aid kit for your car, kid’s sport bag and office will be appreciated when needed. Using a enclosable plastic sandwich bag, assemble antiseptic, alcohol pads, handy wipes, bandages, aspirin, & benadryl.

C lean and store your bulky winter knits in large airtight bags. The oversized enclosable plastic bags work well and the air can be rolled out of  them to make them more compact.

Essential computer data needs to be sorted, filed, & backed up regularly just like paper filing. As the number of viruses and power surges increases, a non- recoverable crash can be a complete disaster.


T aking more than two pills a day, including supplements and vitamins can be hard to remember, so get a weekly pill box. Fill it on Saturday so you can get through the week without thinking about it.

I dentify e-mail messages from certain contacts by customizing  your inbox. You can automatically color code messages, Go to for more details on creating search folders so you can easily locate an e-mail by category instead of going through long lists.

M ake a gift wrapping center with an under the bed storage box. Keep all your supplies in the box; wrapping paper, scissors, ribbon, tape, and labels. You may even want to consider having a few small gifts on hand for that spur of the moment gift need.

E liminate clutter by scheduling a fifteen minute pick-up, once a day. Set the timer and have everyone in the household participate.



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