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    For Seniors:

    Space for Me, Vision Magazine
    "Just because a space has been used for a particular activity or to store certain items for a long time doesn't mean that it needs to stay that way or that it is in fact the best use of that space."

    Aging in Place, Vision Magazine
    "It involves recreating space so that it best meets present needs and in some cases, enables an older adult to live more comfortably in a smaller space."

    Use Resources Wisely, Senior Living
    "Programs are being developed to assist people with managing the overwhelming amount of information and physical changes required to maintain the independent life style they desire as older adults."

    Clearing the Clutter:

    Did you say fun? Vision Magazine
    "Creating rewards, definitive goals and making it a fun team effort can have positive results."

    A Confused Collection, Visions Magazine
    "So how do you go about dealing with the clutter?"

    Don't Wait, It's Go Month, Visions Magazine
    "Statistics show that being better organized is one of the top New Year's resolutions."

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    Home Organizing:

    Keeping the Memories, Visions Magazine
    "You don't have to be fancy to get your photos under control."

    An Important Part of the Process, Visions Magazine
    "You have to have methods to routinely maintain an organized space in order for it to stay that way."

    How Organized is Your Student? Vision Magazine
    "Being organized is not something that you are born with but a skill that can be learned."

    What's in your cupboard? Vision Magazine

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    Time Management:

    Only 24 hours in a Day, Visions Magazine
    "I don't have enough time...It seems to be an issue that prevails with any age group and genre."

    Give Me Just a Little More Time, Visions Magazine
    "How we use our time is personal judgment.  How we manage our time is a matter of learning how to set realistic goals and priorities for ourselves."

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    Paper Management:

    Are you Prepared? Visions Magazine
    "Organizing a vital document folder is important."

    Better to be Prepared Than Sorry, Visions Magazine
    "Emergency preparedness is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family."

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    "In the news"

    Organizer Donates Skills to YWCA,  The Oak Ridger

    Reclaiming Your Garage, Oak Ridge Observer Home & Garden Edition

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