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  Monthly Organizing Tips for saving space and time.                     

  Tips to help you clear the clutter and chaos from your space and time.


Sorting your mail when it comes into the house will save you time and keep away the piles. Dump unwanted ads, envelopes and inserts into the recycle bin as you sort.

Plan your errands and the order of your stops. By grouping them together you will be amazed at how much you can get accomplished!

Assess your clutter. Decide what area bothers you the most and start clearing in that one place first.

Categorize your clutter as you pick it up. Place items into containers based on where it is to go, whether by room or family member.

Expandable files can be used for so many things! In addition to documents, you can categorize photos, recipes, children’s papers, articles to be read, etc. The possibilities are endless!



Take time out for yourself every day. It only takes 10-30 minutes of "time out" to rejuvenate.

I n case your wallet or purse are misplaced, keeping a list of your credit cards and toll free numbers in a safe place will enable you to report it quickly, saving you time and stress.

Maintain a family calendar where everyone can see it. Use it for everyone’s appointments and activities, even if they have their own personal planner.

Every time you get a new PIN number or password, record it in a safe place. Who can remember them all?

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