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    Before and After Photos
    Let Betsy help you create the space and time that works for you.
      Before       After

    Problem: Constant
    clutter and the
    need to identify
    the space

    Solution: Find
    a designated
    place for


    Problem: Lack of paper flow system and proper filing

    Solution: A filing system to keep papers and space uncluttered and easy to access.


    Problem: Difficulty finding anything

    Solution: Created a place for everything using existing space and storage bins


    Problem: Inefficient use of space and time wasted looking for misplaced items.

    Solution: Relocated office furniture and categorized supplies, creating more efficient work area and easy access to inventory.


    Problem: This client wanted to clear the clutter but didn't want to get rid of everything

    Solution: Purging, sorting and adequate, labeled storage containers created a storage area easy to maintain.


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