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 January 07

NAPO has designated January as GO (Get Organized) month.

Choose an area of your home or office that you would like to have organized and go!



 Start with one small project

Trying to clear out the whole garage or attic in a day can be daunting at best -so work with one portion of the task at a time. Sorting and cleaning as well as determining what storage system would enable you to easily store everything will result in an organized area that can be easily maintained.


Work Together

The key to successfully organizing is to involve everyone that is going to use the space.

Allow your children to participate in the design, transformation and maintenance of their rooms. Kids love to solve problems

Have all family members help with controlling paper piles by replacing old magazines with the new ones, filing documents when done and throwing away papers no longer needed (Keep the recycle bin next to the area where the mail is sorted and have everyone use it!)


 Label Everything

When you put the holiday decos away, write what the contents are on the box. Label the front of the file drawers, shelves in the linen closet, clothes closet and drawers, so everyone can put items in the designated place.


January is the best time to do your yearly paper-purge.

Purge the rolodex and contact files.

Clean out all of the old documents, warranties, receipts, and inactive files.

Create a system that will enable your household to keep the paper clutter clear.

Want to get organized and clutter free but don't know where to begin?

I can help you get started!

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