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    Conquer Clutter!   Clutter Control Organizing Tips For Your Home.
  • Establish a set time each day to sort through papers and email. If you’re working toward a deadline, you have a tendency to move a little faster. Find a designated area for all papers, preferably a surface large enough to sort, categorize, and file
  • You may not be able to display all of your things at the same time. Trying to put too much of a collection on a table or shelf will only distract from the individual pieces. Put just a few of the pieces out and give them a space to “breath”. Then switch them out once in a while to create a new fresh look.
  • The best way to create the illusion of more space is to keep clutter under control. All empty spaces do not need to have something in them. A clear space on a shelf, mantle or dresser top will help reduce the cluttered look.
  • Only keep the appliances that you use frequently out on the counter- store the rest.
  • Designate a space for each member of the family to put their “stuff”, so that pick up time is quick and easy. Baskets and bins for each family member or for each room can reduce the time it takes to gather it all up.
  • Eliminate clutter by scheduling a fifteen minute pick-up, once a day. Set the timer and have everyone in the household participate.
  • Store all like items together. This will avoid duplication, you will know when you are running low and it will help to keep things in order (you know where it goes).
  • Put away what you do not use on a routine basis. Clearing away the items that are seldom used from an active space will reduce the amount that is out and about and in the way.
  •  Putting it all away is hard enough, but doing it alone can be even more of a challenge. Get everyone involved in the process!


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