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Tips to help tackle the holiday season “to-do” take over.

Need a gift idea? 

  • A gift certificate for a session with a professional organizer is a great way to begin the New Year! Just send me your request by clicking on the e-mail address below.
  • Convert your loved one’s collection of video tapes (&reel-to-reel tapes) to DVD.  Preserve those special memories & save space. Visit 
  • Consider giving organizing tools such as jewelry organizers, baskets, specialty clothes hangers, or decorative filing boxes.
  • For those needing to downsize, the holidays is a perfect time to give some of those special treasures to loved ones.
  • Give a gift of caring, a helping hand can be worth more than something bought even if it is just doing dishes, a car wash or a dog walk.
  • Shop “Green”: purchase products that are durable, refillable, reusable, or at least recyclable.
  • Instead of exchanging gifts, get a group of friends to agree to a night out together after the holidays.


Having difficulty remembering what you wanted to give someone? Can’t remember what you have already purchased?


  • If you haven’t done so, start now to make a list of the people you plan to give a gift to. Keep it with you. Write down what you purchase as you go. This way you know what you have left to do and you won’t duplicate effort.
  • Keep your receipts together in a file or Ziploc bag so that returns will be simple and warranties can be registered.
  • Don’t miss out on rebates-keep all if your receipts together and note the expiration date on your calendar.


Need to get ready for the Holiday Company and Celebrations?


  • Time to clean out the “catch all” room that used to be the guest room. Instead of randomly moving all of the things that don’t seem to have a place, find a designated place for them as pert of this clearing out process.

  • Don’t let the “I may need it someday” rule the process. If you haven’t used it in over a year, re-evaluate its purpose.

  • One day a week schedule a pick up time and have everyone in the family participate. 
  • Have a large container ready to collect all the items that you want to donate and when it is full, take it out the door!

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