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    Paper Management
    • Vital Records Porta VaultTM by Securita
      Easily organize, store, and transport important records and documents. available at:

    • MyVitalFiles
      Smart, stylish, simple file folder system for organizing financial, legal, medical and personal documents.  This system has won favor with all ages and gender. available at:

    • "Peace of Mind Organizer" by Family Facts
      Makes it easy to get your healthcare and estate information in order.  available at:
    • FasTabTM,  by SMEAD
      Hanging folders with built-in tabs.  Works straight out of the box, no assembly required.  available at:
    • Scans, reads and organizes receipts, business cards and documents.. Manage your receipts, create document data base, digitize your business cards, Provides key word search, converts documents to text you can edit, organizes them for you.


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