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Complete Senior Move Management Services
Betsy Peterson is a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist

Move Management Services Why use a Move Manager?  

Space and Time move management services:

  • Development of an overall move plan to best suit your needs.
    Minimize the stress and ensure a safe, successful, and cost effective transition.
    Providing a detailed moving plan, resources, and coordination services to help Seniors and their families through the entire process.
  • Customized floor plans
    Assistance in choosing which furniture and possessions to move, specializing in recreating spaces in the new environment.
  • Organizing, sorting and coordination of the disposition of unwanted items through sale or donation
    Betsy can guide you through the overwhelming process of downsizing your belongings, allocating possessions and preserving memories.
  • Packing
    Professional hands on assistance with the sorting, tagging and packaging.
    Assistance with the process of separating the items that will be kept, gifted, donated, sold and discarded.
  • Staging and preparing the home for sale
    Betsy helps you make sure that the house is ready to sell by using her staging expertise to achieve the selling edge, showcasing a home's assets.
  • Unpacking and setting up of new home, specializing in recreating spaces
    Oversee the complete unpacking and placement of each item, arranging furniture to your liking, using digital photos to recreate your favorite spaces, so you can spend the first night in your home "moved-in" and not "moving in".

   Why use a senior move manager?
  • Downsizing and sorting through a life time of possessions can be overwhelming
  • Adult children may live in another city or are not able to provide the time required
  • Facing a move with a chronic illness can be very stressful
  • The home may not be in suitable condition for sale and may require a considerable amount of sorting and disposition of belongings
  • The need for Right-Sized Living (or Aging in Place) – help with the need to change your lifestyle so that your senior environment is clutter-free, safe, and stress-free

Betsy’s full range of moving services can provide peace of mind and caring assistance with all aspects of the move from beginning to end. Her organizational and management skills help to create the new home environment that best suits the client’s needs whether it be in a smaller home, a senior community, assisted living, or a nursing care location. Betsy can provide consultation and management services to accomplish a stress free, efficient and economical transition.

Sorting Help with the overwhelming process
Packing Unpacking and recreating spaces


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