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Organizing Tips for saving space and time

September 2006

  • S ave some time during the day for yourself and your family.  Actually make an appointment or add it to your to-do list.

  • P ut like items together in your cabinets making them easier to find quickly put away.

  • A few minutes everyday should be spent putting things away at your office and at home. This will save you from hours of clearing away the clutter.

  • C lear out over stuffed drawers, keeping only the items that you are using. Start with one drawer at a time and set the timer.

  • E liminate email back log by sorting for just ten minutes everyday.  Once you have caught up, continue to spend ten minutes a day sorting and deleting.     


  • T ackle large organizing projects in segments- one room, one closet, one drawer at a time.

  • I nitiate a household paper purge once a week. The kids can clean out their backpacks and you can clear off the counter tops and paper piles.

  • M inimize the appliances and utensils on the kitchen counter tops to free up work space and to be clutter free.

  • E liminate the stacks of magazines and newspapers “to be read” by pulling the most interesting articles and keeping them in a folder. Keep the most current two issues of a publication and recycle the rest.

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