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Betsy Specializes in Home Staging or Showcasing a Home

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Let Betsy help you turn your home into a showcase house for sale

  • First impressions count

  • Money well spent

  • Achieve the selling edge or "wow" factor

  • Effectively showcase a home's assets

  • Be competitive

The concept of  “home staging” is shedding new light on how to promote a home in the real estate market place. Homeowners no longer need to be left on their own to prepare their home for sale. Sellers often lack the insight and design savvy to successfully achieve the results needed. Real estate agents are experts in the field of selling and closing and pretty well know what can help sell a home but don’t have the time or need more experienced assistance. My services can provide a constructive and positive approach to what most sellers consider to be a daunting task. Staging a home will make the best possible impression on potential buyers.





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Space and Time provides consultations or hands on assistance

with preparing a home for sale.


  • A Consultation
    Consists of a walk through of the property with Betsy. She will provide you with simple steps or a "punch list" of ideas and recommendations that will help you prepare a house for sale.  Equipped with this comprehensive list, you can give the buyers what they are looking for.

  • Betsy can provide hands on assistance
    With preparing a house for sale.  If it is simply moving a few pieces of furniture, adding a few decorative touches, assisting in clearing the clutter, or staging a vacancy, Betsy has the ability to help you show off the best assets of your house and create the "wow" factor for the potential buyer.

Before Staging

After Staging


Tips for getting your home ready for sale:


Don't neglect the exterior.  First impressions make a difference.  Make the buyer want to get out of his car to see more.



Don't forget the "non-living" spaces.  Storage areas, the garage, and closets are important to buyers.



Clear the clutter.  Buyers can not imagine themselves in someone else's home when it is filled with collections, family photos, and accessories.


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