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Tips to help you clear the clutter and chaos from your space and time.

Space saving tips 

  • The best way to create the illusion of more space is to keep clutter under control. Designate a space for each member of the family to put their “stuff”, so that pick up time is quick and easy.
  • Shelving on the walls gets pretty collectables or dishes out of the cupboards and cabinets and onto a space saving display.
  • Any place that you can tuck a small desk or table can become a comfortable work space or home information center. Use of decorative accessories can make it look less “office like “and help to keep it all in order.
  • Store necklaces in the snack size, zip lock bags. They will be easy to see and you will have fewer tangles to undo.
  • Stop junk mail: write or call Direct Marketing Association, they maintain a list of consumers who want to get their names removed from mailing lists: Mail Preference Service, P.O. Box 9008, Farmingdale, NY, 11735-9008, 212-790-1400


Time Saving Tips


  • Handle most of your mail only once. Pitch anything that doesn’t merit saving, needs no action, or doesn’t interest you! Sort what is remaining into two categories: “I need to do something with this” (to do), and “I just want to keep it” (to put it away). Keep your to do mail in a folder labeled “to do”. When you have a minute, you can go directly to that file and answer a letter, pay a bill, etc.
  • Save time when dropping kids off for play dates by having your emergency information pre-printed or written on index cards. Make several copies to have on hand when you need them. Be sure the information is current.
  • Cut down on the morning chaos. When cleaning up dinner, set the table for breakfast & find your car keys, lunch boxes, back packs, shoes, papers, etc.

  • Always try to accomplish an errand on the way to something instead of making a separate trip.

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