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Having trouble getting out the door on time in the morning?

  • Make a list of all the activities that comprise your morning routine. Start from the moment you wake up and list them all. Then consider how you can take a more organized approach.
  • Consider multi-tasking, such as brewing the coffee while you take a shower.
  • What can be done the previous night? Ironing clothes and locating the keys the night before can save morning time.
  • Group together all the items needed for breakfast in a specific area of the kitchen.
  • Set your alarm a few minutes earlier so that you can allow for the unplanned distraction or emergency.

Too much e-mail?

  • Identify messages from certain contacts by customizing your in box to automatically color messages.
  • Go to for more details on creating search folders – they categorize your e-mail similar to a filing system so that you can easily locate an e-mail in a category instead of going through long lists of e-mails.

Looking For Ways To Keep the Clutter Away?

  • Find your clutter "zones" and create perimeters for the piles.
  • Use attractive baskets for the piles of catalogs and magazines waiting to be read
  • Store receipts and papers in 3 sided folders
  • Categorize your spaces and remove items that don’t belong in that category Food, papers, clothing, toys, sports equipment can all be categorized and put in a designated space.
  • Select a clutter pile and remove the larger items first- if you want to keep them, find a designated, permanent space for that item
  • Don’t be afraid to get rid of the stuff that you do not use.

Need a better way to organize your mail and papers?

  • Check with your accountant and/or lawyer before throwing away any financial or legal papers- they know you and your individual situation.
  • There is information available for document retention at and publications posted on this sight regarding record keeping for individuals.
  • Know where your essential, vital information is. Create a vital documents or "Red File". Keep in mind the "what-if" scenarios- what would you need to reconstruct necessary information when needed? The American Red Cross provides a comprehensive list that can be used as a basic guide for what to include.
  • Create a paper space for each member of the family. This can be a large envelope with their name on it, a file folder, a mail holder slot, anything that can be used to keep papers safe and out of the junk mail piles.
  • Sort your mail as it comes in the door and toss the junk into the recycle bin

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