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 Organizing Tips                                               More Organizing Tips

Looking for ways to save some time?

  • Kid's hate to "pick up their rooms".  Help them keep their rooms clutter free by making sure that everything has a designated place.  This should include laundry, shoes, electronic equipment, school papers, books, and toys.  Knowing where everything belongs can speed up the process.  Younger kids do well with labels on drawers and shelves.
  • If you don't have a family calendar, get one!  It can be on the computer or on the wall-just make sure that everyone uses it to note all of their activities and appointments.
  • Save some time in the long run by putting in a session of time marking down: all of the school vacations and days off for the entire year, birthdays of family members, extended family members and friends, celebrations, months for annual checkups for family and pets, lessons, meetings, game and practice schedules, and any other important dates and events.
  • Spend an hour walking through your house taking photos of what you own and keep a copy of the inventory photos in a fire proof box or safety deposit box "just in case".  In the event of an emergency, it could save many hours of trying to remember your household inventory.

Looking for more space?

  • This is the perfect time of year to create space in closets and drawers by switching out summer clothes for winter clothes.  Discard or donate the off season clothes that are not going to fit next summer. Store them away in a box on the top shelf or attic.  Only put the clothes that fit and you are going to wear now in the drawers and closet.
  • Simplify the space under the sink.  Keep the products that you seldom use in a basket in the back of the space or move them to the garage shelf.  (Purge the ones that aren't going to use or you forgot you had.)
  • Group like items together.  This is a basic organizing rule of thumb that can be applied to every room, shelf, drawer, cabinet in the house.  It makes it easier to find as well as easier to know where to put it away.  You can also keep track of what you have so you know when you may be running low. 
  • Identify everything in your home that you don't use or that you don't really like and de-clutter, simplify your home, and turn them into cash.  Use garage sales, craigslist.com, ebay.com, or the local classifieds just to name a few.


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